Gahat Systems Ltd. specializes in creating technological innovations and solutions for firefighting, rescue & salvage and tactical and strategic defense operations.

The company was founded in 2008 by Sharon De-Beer, who serves as the company’s CEO. De-Beer has years of experience delivering solutions for firefighting and rescue & salvage for the large companies in the industry. Moreover, providing robotics and unique mobility solutions for the defense sector. De-Beer chose to establish the company to promote technological innovation and provide fast tailored services to meet customer needs and their unique use-cases.

State-of-the-art technological innovation

Gahat Systems is an exclusive distributor in Israel for the world’s leading manufacturers of firefighting, rescue & salvage, and robotic platforms. The company’s portfolio includes special robotics platforms with innovative technology and exceptional terrain capabilities, innovative firefighting vehicles from Rosenbauer, products from niche manufacturers for forest fires and other advanced systems for keeping our lives safe.

The company is a verified supplier by the Israeli MOD, holds an ISO 19001: 2015 quality compliance certificate and meets the strictest quality standards from the USA and Europe.

From chemical plants to the IDF

Since its inception, Gahat has accompanied hundreds of projects in the light and heavy industry, special projects, and has worked with organizations at the national and international levels. Gahat’s clients include chemical and petrochemical plants, defense industries, MOD and its branches, Airports Authority, seaports, IDF, IFRA, IEC, oil, and gas infrastructure, as well as designated firefighting contractors.

Technology and Innovation

Gahat Systems professional team are committed to the company’s vision:

  • Continue to be at the forefront of global technology and innovation.
  • Share the knowledge we accumulated to promote new advanced solutions.
  • Provide the most advanced and high-quality equipment for all sectors
  • Find the exact match to the needs of our customers.

Gahat Systems has made its mission to serve all sectors with the most professionalism and technological innovation. Gahat Systems knows how to make the impossible – possible.